Enlightenment energy constructed the Pyramids

Enlightenment energy constructed the Pyramids. 

Kristy Kaye

I never tire of discussing the Pyramids as a glimpse of mankind’s unlimited potential unleashed. There are so many energy lessons that can be learnt from their construction. 

 This energy followed the pathways of time, allowing its well of wisdom to enlighten generations, improving their level of consciousness. The Pyramids themselves emit energy, as was proved by Tesla.  But more importantly, they are a symbol just as important as their construction, of a soul awakening. 

The enlightenment energy it represents is always passing forward a light where there is darkness in humanity delivering and touching humankind through the construction of words, monuments, deeds, or all of these. It has travelled an insightful journey through continents bringing forth great prophets, poets and leaders.

 More recently, it spawned the birth of the “founding fathers” in creating the constitution of America, gathering a powerful spiritual team to deliver an independent people to a republic from the jaws of imperialist power. 

It has perhaps dawned a new spring of self-determination in this millennium for all peoples of the world. This same energy comes now to you with a personal divine message of deliverance to find your truth and leadership.    

In my book “the Constitution of the Soul”, I reveal much of our amazing seeing third eye and its potential. This potential is in each of us, but some of us graduate to using it more than others.  

Some questions to consider in your journey of enlightenment, and the answers you provide embody your inner serenity and peace of mind:- 

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you travelling to?
  • Have you ever wondered about your soul – what is it for?
  • Spiritual laws of abundance – are they open to you?

 You are all that matters! When you take care of yourself, everything and everyone else automatically becomes aligned with your true priorities. Walk hand in hand with your destiny. When nothing else matters, we can take care of what does!

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