Truth – Our Real Job Is To Shine

Truth – Our Real Job Is To Shine

Tracey Tomlinson

Today we are one day older than yesterday and one day closer to dying. We don’t live life like this, but it’s the truth. One day we are all going to die. We just don’t know which day. How soon, or how far away that day is.

We experience the deaths of loved ones, and people around us from time to time, and we encounter the sadness and grief that losing loved ones and people we have known or admired comes with. Just as those around us die and pass on, we, too, one day will pass on.

So what for today? Can we appreciate that life is precious and our time is limited? Do we make the most of our time, for ourselves, getting to know who we are, what makes us tick and healing our wounds from days gone by so that we can live our days with satisfaction and contentment? 

I sometimes ask myself, if I knew I had limited time left, would I change anything in my life? I find it is a good cross-check to do. Am I living a life of fulfilment? Are my relationships meaningful? Would I be content with where I’m at if I was to die soon? Would I have any regrets?

It is all too easy to go through life living a “busy life” and not taking the time to be with yourself, nurture yourself, and to take the time to experience joy and contribution in your life. Do we know what is happening with our team members, colleagues, or friends and neighbours? Or do we pass them in the street or down the hallway on the way to our next meeting?

How many people know someone who committed suicide and had no idea that person was unhappy and struggling with life? It is a story all too often told. So as I heard of another young person, in her early 30’s committing suicide this week, I wonder how well we as a society really connect with people. Her family loved her and had a career contributing to and helping others. But apparently, it all got too much for her, and although she sought help, the help she received did not make a difference to this young woman such that she ended her life.

I feel this loss of life, out of having no hope to go on, is something we can turn around for many people. We have had clients do our workshops, one on one profiles, courses and Healing sessions who have been able to deal with difficult times, stress and challenges and turn their situations around, to live a happy and fulfilled life with meaning and purpose. 

It is a process and a journey; however, if one takes steps to find self-love and healthy self-esteem, it is certainly possible. The truth is we are a soul on planet earth living a life of challenges to heal and expand ourselves. It may not always be easy; however, when we persevere and keep taking steps forward to evolve, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

I believe every human has some light within, sometimes, the light gets dimmed, and we may experience the dark more than the light. We all have our weaknesses; however, each time we heal a piece of negativity for ourselves, more of our light can shine, and it gets bigger. There is no limit as to how much we can shine; we typically have relatively low expectations for ourselves, compared to our potential, little belief, or perhaps do not know how to go about leaving the negativity behind and transforming it into light.

When was the last time you stopped to enjoy the sunrise or sunset? Or watch the birds in your backyard, or in nature nearby? Do you smile at strangers when you pass them in the street, or on the train, or are you too busy attending to emails and texts on your phone, or scrolling on social media? 

There are steps we can take to experience more of the light we are, healing that which dims our shine. A Life Awakening Blockage Consultation can be a great first step in the right direction to heal our wounds from decades past. In this consultation, you heal your biggest block this lifetime. It’s a very healing conversation that leaves people with a better understanding of themselves and an ability to be less emotional with themselves and others. For most people, it is a life-changing experience.

So, I hope you consider each day an opportunity to live your best you, heal what there is to heal within, love yourself and those around you, knowing that all our time is precious and our real job is to heal and then shine.


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