The Exhilaration of Flexing Your Truth Muscle

The Exhilaration of Flexing Your Truth Muscle

Ian Mansell

What is Truth? 

We could perhaps start with a proposition that there are three definitions of Truth:

  1. Objective truth - Scientific truth 
  2. Subjective truth - Personal truth – your Spiritual truth
  3. Universal (timeless) truth

The criterion for Objective Truth that has held sway since the Renaissance is the Scientific Method which says that for something to be true, it must describe a sequence of actions that can be repeated endlessly by anyone under any given circumstances at any time or place and will always produce the same outcome. This is considered scientific proof and is the closest we have to a definition of Objective Truth in our physical world (even though the currently popular political games of Denialism and ‘Fake News’ would try to undermine even this).

Subjective Truth is harder to define because one of the primary tenets is that we are all individually unique. Each of us is the result of countless millennia of different experiences, so no one can be totally predictable in how they will respond to any particular situation, especially when faced with an unprecedented situation. 

Subjective Truth could best be described as ‘whatever resonates deep inside me’. It is a soul-based response to a challenge: a reflective response from your accumulated wisdom (visionary gift) saying, ‘yes, I recognise having been in similar situations in the past when the best response back then was to do x, y and z’, but it can also be an insight from your prophetic gift or your guidance (chills) saying ‘even though I haven’t experienced this before (or this time it’s a bit different), my gut tells me the best response will be a, b and c’. 

Beware that our subjective truth can be rendered useless when we have opinions: the intellectual programming from religious or political dogma, or social pressures, can override our sensitivity and prevent us from discerning with clarity where our truth really lies. Our sense of Subjective Truth can also be distorted if the challenge before us is similar to a past occasion when we made a ‘poor’ decision, leading to consequences that we still haven’t forgiven ourselves for creating.

Despite these considerations, our subjective truth is always going to be a better choice for us to take, whether it is “correct” or not, because it comes from our innate unique wisdom; it is subject to influence from insights from our guidance, and it may well provide an opportunity for us to review the habits and tendencies that are not working for us.

Thirdly, there are Universal Truths, which we probably didn’t learn about at school (or Sunday School), even though they may have been the underlying causes of some of our most beloved scientific and subjective truths. Many revelatory courses in Living Illumination teach us how we are affected by universal truths.

Scientific truths reflect the application of Universal Truths to the physical world. For example, take Newton’s famous Laws of Motion. The first law (Google it) explains why a soul in confusion can remain stuck there for hundreds of years after his death unless someone comes to give him a push. Newton’s Third Law is a restatement of the mechanics of Karma. 

Universal Truths are naturally also influencing our subjective truths. Subjectively we can all recognise (on some level) when we are in the presence of a great person – a person of great refinement or wisdom or beauty or eloquence. Our soul part is responding to the Universal Truth that the universe is structured into hierarchies of consciousness. We innately desire to rise up the ladders of consciousness. We sense the refinement of an enlightened person, and we cannot help but be attracted to them and wish to emulate them. This is also what drives us to choose souls who are more enlightened than us to be our angel mentors. In our spiritual education, we learn the hierarchy of the zones of confusion, the steps to clarity in the Pathways courses and the ladders of growth as we progress through our cycles.

Some other Universal Truths 

  • Ascending zones of consciousness allow us to access greater powers over the preceding zones.
  • Planet earth is a day-trip planet, so we must retain our spiritual connection to the universe, or we will exhaust our energy supply. 
  • Karma: Every energy transaction that is imbalanced creates the need for an equal and opposite balancing transaction (= Newton’s Third Law)
  • Once our body is deceased, we must return to the Universe, or we will suffer an energy-depleted “hunger games” type of existence. 
  • We always have free will, so our Angel guides can never give us direction.

And the one we demonstrate throughout our trance healings: Every confused soul has a team of guides who will rescue and rehabilitate the soul from its confused state as soon as they sincerely request it. This is repeatable enough to qualify as a scientific truth.

In summary, the question of ‘What is Truth?’ is an endlessly complicated one for humankind to understand. Our history is filled with debates, and disputes about who is correct – my religion versus your religion, country vs country, leaders vs followers, criminal trials, murder mysteries... the list is endless, and the variety of answers is endlessly fascinating. 

We all have a ‘truth muscle’ inside us which exhilarates us when it resonates.

Living Illumination offers us the opportunity to observe ourselves and our world from a truly universal viewpoint – that of our angels. When we see ourselves from that bigger picture, we can see for the first time how these Universal Truths have influenced and motivated us. Many mysteries are solved. Many doubts are reconciled as past events are healed through new understandings, and forgiveness becomes possible. 

We can throw off the dark cloaks of our past and stride confidently towards a new and brighter future.

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