May The Force Be With You - Your Inner Truth

May The Force Be With You - Your Inner Truth

By: Kristy Kaye

Each of us has our inner truth that guides us. Our inner truth is like an unseen force that is powerful and invincible, and is always in attendance in our life, albeit inactively when we are pursuing planetary life goals. Ever present in our daily life, it navigates our way through the oceans of time and experiences.

We may not appear to use our inner truth for much in our lives presently, but it is the sometimes silent barometer of our fortunes.  The more we use it consciously, the greater the abundance of energy and fulfillment we access.  Living from the pivot of inner truth can rapidly transform our life from difficult and stagnant to adventuresome and spontaneous. 

When we use our inner truth, we automatically inflate our aura and our potential to achieve our desires becomes instantly magnified. We innately know how to use our aura but mostly only do this as a reflex action when we are under pressure. For instance, we may use our aura to protect ourselves in a life-threatening situation. By learning to understand our inner truth, we can manifest the experiences we need to fulfill our destiny.

We can call our inner truth the Constitution of our Soul.  

Our Soul’s constitution has become defined and refined through exposure to the wisdom of our experiences from eons of time. Each lifetime we have offers us treasuries of wisdom to add to our collection, which our inner truth processes and memorises for referral purposes.

When we relax, we can access this wisdom to use as a tool in our daily lives. By listening to our Soul this way, the part of us that is immortal, limitless and magnanimous unfolds, and solutions to life’s questions materialise.

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