The Truth and Its Seven Layers – Being Your Own Lighthouse

The Truth and Its Seven Layers – Being Your Own Lighthouse

By Kristy Kaye

This article discusses the many categories of truths and how our inner truth trumps all other truths.

We are experiencing an incredible era where fake news, deceit, and lies are actively promoted in all forms of media to advance personal beliefs of any individual or group.

This has placed us in a very tenuous situation trying to discern where the truth fits for us.  The truth sets us free from the malady that is living a life of deceit and the stress and disorder that it brings to our life. Today we can truthfully say our biggest challenge is finding the truth for ourselves.  As we're exposed to opinions, biases and contradictions of others daily, we are left to find the deciding factor of the truth in every situation.  It is not an easy task.   

The problem with the truth is that it is multi-layered.

That means my truth is not everyone else's truth because I have come upon it through my own experiences.  What works for me is individual and unique. 
Whenever we make procedures for how we wish to live our life, we have to be mindful of this necessary awareness.  We need to be aware of so many truths that we have to have our discernment cap on to register the content of what we hear on our radar. 

We can be guided or misguided by influences from many categories of truths:

  1. We have our Inner Truth – that is our blueprint for life. This is the only truth we need to follow because it offers us the discernment of all other truths.     
  2. We have Perceived truth – we can call the Outer Truth – which is what we are (I like the word programmed) to believe, but we can instead say what a socially acceptable reality is. 
  3. We have Other's Truth – that is what they believe to be the truth at any given moment.  It can be arrived at through discernment or through their maze.   But if they believe it vehemently enough, it can put our truth on rocky ground. 
  4. We have Historical Truths, out of which the Laws and Governing emanate, which is another Truth based on society's experiences and desires, adventures and misadventures. 
  5. We have Religious Truths, which are also historical in context and, as there are many more than one, are often contradictory. 
  6. We have Scientific Truths which are arrived at through accepted methods of research. 
  7. We have Spiritual Truths that can often be based on hearsay since there are no known benchmarks for assessing its credence. 

The Problem:

If we try to analyse and dissect all of this daily, we will perhaps become mesmerised by the enormity of not just its information but conflicting theories of truth. 

Then we may want to know how to live the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  

The Solution:

The solution to all of this is we don't have to worry about any other truths other than our own inner truth because it can guide us through the maze of contradiction we are subject to each and every day. 

To begin, we can't throw out the good habits we have created in arriving at the place we are at spiritually today.  We must familiarise ourselves with what our inner truth represents to us before we can begin to live it adequately.  

So imagine your inner truth being connected like a monitor to a computer's hard drive, which contains all the information we need on all truths.  Historical, Scientific, Lawful, Outer and its receptors can identify at the speed of light your pathway through this contradictory maze of truth.  Likewise, we may have come to accept spiritual absolute, relative and incarnate understandings as truths.

Do you then need to analyse it and get brain strain? 

Or do you need to navigate your way around it? Or through it? 

It's easier said than done in some cases, but mostly any other passageway may leave our cup half empty instead of full. 

So, where do we start? 

We start by quieting our mind and listening to our inner voice.  When we temporarily close ourselves off to all other senses in our environment, we enable our strong inner guidance and truths to come through. 

We have direct access to our truths and knowingness at all times.  Perhaps today, you need to take a look at how you can follow your gut feelings, or the symbols you have been recognising, or the impressions you have had around inspired thoughts about life, or an inner knowing.

Be Your Own Light-house of Truth

There is no need to convince anyone else of your inner truth.  By being your own light-house of truth, you will impart that energy on all those around you.  Others are discovering and discerning their own truths.
Welcome to your world, where there is a world of joy awaiting you as you take your beginning steps. 

What can you do now?

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