Media Blackouts Resolve ‘Overthinking’ to heal “Just Over It”

Media Blackouts Resolve ‘Overthinking’ to heal “Just Over It” 
By Kristy Kaye

Have you ever spent money on a course and been stimulated to make changes but then found that motivation quickly fell away? Tried again - same result. Have you then judged yourself for being unmotivated or lacking in some way? Most of us that are sincerely seeking understanding, change, empowerment, or improvement have experienced this.

So, why are we attracted to programs that take us around and around in circles like a mouse on a treadmill and don’t give us the fulfilment that we are seeking?   

Too often, we have buy-in to the stimulation instead of using hesitation and evaluation. Like any form of advertising, whether we are buying a new car or even a handbag, we are attracted to the points they have prepared for us to make it appeal to us to buy it.  All superficial values will wear off in time. We don’t see beyond the advertising.  What is the real and lasting product quality?

Could it be that we just don’t know what spiritual growth feels like?  

Our spiritual journey often does not unfold with a few yoga sessions, a personal development course, or a meditation. It happens when we are conflicted, aggravated, disappointed or have friction in our lives from which to reveal and heal concepts that have limited our true nature from flourishing. We have the opportunity to face that each and every day. 

Our spiritual journey is never one of a chair-sitting gatherer-of-facts with a nice sweet tasting drink to wash it down. Instead, it is made of revelations and bumps and challenges and actions that cause the rising of the spirit to overcome. It is forgiveness, forthrightness in the face of adversity that has been born of a desire to heal.

The key is seeing beyond the advertising and developing the ability to assess and discern. If we don’t, we will be plodding along, parting with thousands of dollars to be told illusions that sound good but carry no feeling of sincerity and no growth.

The Easy Way

We want everything easy, even spiritually, but that is the greatest trap of all. There are so many delusions around spiritual growth now and so many courses. Whereas, once we would totally reject the authenticity of these, now we shop online for it like a supermarket, choosing the ones that appeal to our overthinking natures and quick fixes.

The sad reality is that often we have frozen our feelings.  It is the hype we become attracted to. There is no gut feeling to help us direct our search. No energy impact that we feel.

The Solution

It’s a problem, so it comes with a solution. What is the explanation:  it may sound funny, but it is a media blackout. I don’t mean we have to close the media down but rather our reliance on it. 

Take ourselves to a place of silent meditation every day and let our feelings have some authenticity in our life.  

Sure, it is boring waiting with all that traffic and chaos in our head, but patience is the answer to the beginning of an amazing journey.  

It may even take a few months of this to find the pathways that are always there waiting for our next awakening.  

It is not an outside thing that happens; rather, it’s an inside inner knowing that evolves from within that silent revolution.

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